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Ramadan Sports Festival 2022

  • Apr 06 - 17, 2022

Ramadan Mubarak!

We get back to you on the 9th edition of “Ramadan Sports Festival” is running at Aspire Zone  Foundation from Wednesday, 6th April, until Sunday, 17th of April, to pull a large number of participants and partners.

The 12 days festival features 10 activities in total that range from sports

competitions to physical challenges. These trigger the interest of active leisure seekers, whether they are men, women and special needs.  

All competitions will be held from 9:30pm until midnight.

Amazing prizes are awaiting you to keep exercising your passion to sports.

Men’s competitions:

Sports Competitions: Schedule & Registration

Beach Volleyball (Teams)

Dates: 6 -10 April

Venue: Aspire Park, Sand Pitch

Target Group: 18 years and above (men)

Football (Teams):

Dates: 9- 13 April 

Venue: Pitch 10 (Aspire Park)

Target Group: 18 years and above (men)

Basketball (Teams)

Dates: 12-17  April 

Venue: Aspire Dome (Multi-purpose Hall 1)

Target Group: 18 years and above (men)

Football 4 X 4 (Teams):

Dates: 13th – 17 April 

Target group: Youth – Age 24 years or less 

Venue: Football Public Pitch – Aspire Park

Women’s competitions 

Basketball (teams):

Dates: 6- 9 April 

Finals: 14 – 15 April  

Venue: Ladies Sport Hall 

Target Group: 18 years and above (Ladies)

Volleyball (Teams): 

Dates: 6- 9 April

Finals: 12 – 13 April 
Venue: Ladies Sport Hall

Target Group: 18 years and above (Ladies)

Futsal (Teams): 

Dates: 10 - 15 April

Venue: Ladies Sport Hall

Target Group: 18 years and above (Ladies

Special Needs competitions 

Special Needs Table Tennis 

Date: 11 April

Venue: Aspire Dome (Multi-purpose Hall 1)

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