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AZF is a leading organization with joint ventures aiming at the development of Qatar.

1) Aspire Katara Investment (AKI)

AKI is a joint-venture between Aspire Zone Foundation and the Cultural Village Foundation ( Katara) and is chaired by H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani.

The consortium acts both as a consultant and client representative for the two foundations for all of their non-core related commercial and investment activities.

The company also handles top-level sports and business facilities across GCC and holds strong relationships in event management, business and sport.

2) Aspire Katara Hospitality (AKH)

Specialized in hospitality and leisure, Aspire Katara Hospitality (AKH) brings to Doha authentic cuisines from all over the world while maintaining the rich tradition and culture of Qatar.

AKH also provides consultancy and hospitality services to hotels, concept development for retail shops, event management and catering services.

Internationally, plans are well advanced with the opening of one spot in London, together with expansion plans underway in different locations.

To find more: www.akh.com.qa

3) Aspire Printing Press (APP)

APP provides a wide range of services, starting from Pre-press, Printing to Post-production.

APP is equipped with the latest printing machineries, and has the capability of producing all commercial printing products.

The key element in APP is an integrated approach, providing the best value for our clients.

For more info, please visit www.aspirepp.com.


Aspire Sports Turf (AST) was developed as part of the Aspire Zone Foundations (AZF) vision to become the reference in sports excellence worldwide by 2020.

Linked in partnership with the STRI Group, Aspire Sports Turf will act as the Centre of Excellence for natural sports turf Research & Development, Construction, Management, and Education, servicing sports facilities within Qatar and the Middle East.
For more information visit:www.ast.qa